Monday, April 18, 2011

The Delicatessen Reviews

Now available for download. Moeses Soulright The 2nd - The Delicatessen mixed by DJ MARK 7

Here's what the critics have had to say

"Young Moeses and DJ Mark 7 have dropped one of the best hip hop albums in the last few years, Bay Area or not...Moeses speaks about a variety of topics with a lyrical diversity not usually seen in the Bay or in the mainstream, for that matter... It is by far the best album to come out of the Bay Area this year, and rivals albums like Eminem's Recovery, The Root's album How I got Over, and Big Boi's new album as best hip hop album of the year nationwide." Masked Lemon Reviews

"I give this album a 9/10 overall...there are no perfect albums, but this does come relatively close...I ca play this album all the was through without having to skip a track, which is something I've only been able to do with less than 5 releases this year. Some may not be able to understand the depth of what Moe is speaking on during their first listen..leaving something new to be discovered with each listen."
Dirt E Needlez Reviews

DJ Mark 7 really brings this project together nicely aswell as he lends a helping hand and is a reminder to other DJ's of what a DJ should be doing... In a time where rap music features so much copy cat crap, it nice to listen to someone like Moeses Soulright The 2nd who isnt scared to step out of the box a little bit and make world music and not just rap music...I for one will be looking forward to the next work from Moeses Soulright The 2nd, as he really brings a little bit of everything to the table with good lyrics, a flawless flow and one of the better voices on the westcoast at the moment. All of the original production on this peice of work are very well done aswell....More rappers should call on DJ MARK 7 in my opinion, he has rocked some of my favorite mixes ever and he just knows how to get a project to flow well together. This work here starts off very well and finishes off just as good aswell. Dont sleep on Moeses Soulright The 2nd and DJ Mark7, get yourself a copy!" Music Movies and Videogames Review Blog