Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interview pt 1

this is part 1 of an interview I just did...i only have some of it right now, and it's not edited...but check it out

So were you really not planning on releasing any of the songs that are on this album?

You’re not getting away that easy. Did you not like the songs? This is a really solid project. What were your reasons for not wanting to release them?
Nah I’m really proud of the music on here. I put a lot of work into music. I’ve prolly recorded
somewhere around 300 songs, but I didn’t do them with the intent to put them out. I rap, that’s what I do, but it’s really just cus I want something to listen to.

So how did this mixtape come about?
Honestly, it was really just cus people kept asking me when they can get something to cop. I’ve been leaking songs here and there for the past twelve years and built a good following and it got to the point I couldn’t go anywhere without people hitting me up and asking when I’m finally gonna drop something for them to bump. Big Chill got at me like “moe with all the songs you send me, I know you have enough material to drop 5 albums tomorrow” so when DJ Mark 7 said “yeah I’ll do it for you moe” I couldn’t pass up on that opportunity. So I sent him around 70 songs, he picked 24 and did his thing.

Yeah, you’ve been doing your thing for a long time. I remember years ago Rhythm X asking why you hadn’t blown up yet. You get vouched for a lot. How did you gain the respect of so many bay area rap legends while still being relatively unknown?
I didn’t know I was unknown. Nah, I’m playin’. Really I don’t know how that happened. I don’t carry myself with any rap superstar persona. So I think that was the reason that when I sent established artists my music asking for feedback, they actually listened. So whether it was JT The Bigga Figga telling the everybody that I had a million dollar voice or Sean T calling me one of the best lyricists in the west, I’ve always taken that like “okay, I’m doing this for a reason”

I really like the title of the album. How did you end up calling it “The Delicatessen”
It’s really a representation of everything I’m about. My pops was an old school street cat from the Bronx and when he moved out to California a lot of people came with him. I mean, the way I was raised was as a young jewish hoodlum from the Bronx. The only adult males I was around as a child we’re jewish guys from the Bronx and the things you hear and see at that age are really what shape you.

So that’s how you have that New York accent
Haha, yeah. I never knew what a new York accent was till I was thirteen. But yeah, so the album title represents my upbringing. This is every Saturday hitting the jewish deli and sitting around listening to my pops and them talking, just soaking everything up.